PARMA 360 Festival of Contemporary Creativity


In the city elected Italian Capital of Culture 2021, the fifth edition of PARMA 360 Festival of Contemporary Creativity has kicked off, curated by Chiara Canali and Camilla Mineo, an event dedicated to the highest expressions of contemporary visual arts and youth creativity.
If the claim that has accompanied the Parma2020 program from the beginning is "Culture beats time", that of PARMA 360 festival is "Time moves, alters, transforms ..." and through contemporary art, the concept of time is investigated in its many facets: tradition and innovation, dynamism, technology, environmental issues.
 The Festival's mission is to encourage and disseminate contemporary art and promote emerging artists, through the enhancement of the artistic heritage of Parma transformed into a real widespread museum.

Among the projects of this edition of PARMA 360 Festival, there are the MAPPING THE STARS exhibitions by Vincenzo Marsiglia, created in collaboration with Arteam Cup and with the mediapartnership of Espoarte and LIGHT AND SHADOW by David Cesaria, created in collaboration with Galleria Area / B of Milan.

The starry texture, typical of the works of Vincenzo Marsiglia, is present in the virtual space of Lieu.City through the installation Wrap # 5, a geometric structure consisting of acrylic fabric ribbons illuminated by wood light to enhance the fluorescent color and the immersion in an environment with an iridescent reverberation and a blue atmosphere. The luminous weave of the threads envelops the interlocutor in a fluorescent grid, whose design starts from the essence of the stylistic research that the artist has been following for years: the sign of the four-pointed star.

Halfway between the tradition of Salento and the atmospheres of Las Vegas, the illuminations for the LIGHT AND SHADOW exhibition by David Cesaria arrive at an imaginary made up of superstitious gestures, popular superstitions and contemporary obsessions. In particular, the artist's recent production has stigmatized the frailties and fears generated by the climate of uncertainty and mistrust due to the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic with bright colors and noisy atmospheres.

EXTERNAL LANDSCAPE by artist and photographer Matteo Mezzadri is a project created in Iceland in 2010 during a journey in which the artist circumnavigated the entire island in a clockwise direction. The artist's lens focuses on the external skin of the landscape, opens the lens on the boundless lands of Iceland or captures closer details, giving an overall view of it in the two-channel projection that associates the wide-field images to the textures that characterize that environmental ecosystem (rock, earth, lava, grass and sea).

DINAMICA is a cross-section of contemporary Italian illustration, it is a collective exhibition that presents eight of the best and most successful Italian illustrators curated by the young Turin brand Illustation: Davide Bonazzi, Francesco Bongiorni, Federica Bordoni, Fernando Cobelo, Camilla Falsini, Chiara Ghigliazza, Giordano Poloni and Shut Up Claudia. Each one of the eight authors will present a collection of ten plates, reproduced in different formats, synthesis of their artistic path, trying to decline through their creative universe the concept of "dynamism" through conceptual illustrations, landscapes, essential geometric shapes, black and white.