Via San Saturnino - Demo Version


An open-air museum, therefore, able to enhance the district of Villanova, already fascinating in itself for its history and architecture.

The authors of these works are often anonymous or recognizable only thanks to their signature hidden inside the work, sometimes they are real crew, groups of writers united by the same passion. sought to recreate this atmosphere, reconstructing part of the walls of Via San Saturnino and giving the visitor the opportunity to become a street artist himself.

One of the walls is dedicated to all visitors who want to have fun and create a new work among those present in the reconstruction.

With a simple click you will have in your hands a spray can "virtual" and a palette of colors with which you can enjoy drawing on the wall, allowing you to download and share your work with anyone you want., realizing Via San Saturnino - Demo Version, introduces a new interaction on the platform in a unique context.

Get sprays and colors, and have fun making your murals.